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    Illustrator 10 and Mac OS 10.7 compatibility

    susan53545 Level 1

      I want to be able to use Illustrator 10 on my iMac after I upgrade to the Lion OS. Is there an upgrade or a patch I can download so that's possible. I really hope that I do not have to purchase brand new software for Illustrator or worse yet an entire suite!  That would be incredibly unfair for users. I hope someone can help me.


      Thanks in advance,


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          [scott] Level 6

          Unfair to support software which is nearly 10 years old?


          You will need Illustrator CS3 or newer if you wish to use Mac OS 10.7.

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            Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

            I don't know your professional but if you use the product for professional use and make profit from it then it is not unreasonable.


            If you are not willing to accept that progress takes place in the world it might seem unfair to you but highly unrealistic.


            If you are not prepared for these inevitable changes then you really have to take another look.


            First the OS systems have changed and the software and does not support the older coding the so how would it be possible keep support for a software that does no longer work on a system, they would have to chang the code to support the new system. Well that takes a lot of work and and requires people who have sent years and a lot of their life studing to create such code and of course they have to get paid and…well I guess by now you get the point.


            And we know to you it's not your problem…but actually if you upgrade to 10.7.1it will be your problem as Scott indicates.


            It is not unfair and if a client of yours assuming you are a professional asked you to make changes so things worked better then you would charge them as well.

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              susan53545 Level 1

              First of all, I don't like either of your attitudes. Yes, I was a professional graphics person before I had children. Now I just want to be able to use the same programs I used then, now. And both Adobe and Apple make it very difficult to do that unless you have paying clients or are super rich. These corps should be able to accomodate both segments for all their software, professional and non, much like Adobe did with PS Elements which I do like for my purposes. Yes, I am frustrated but you two could show some respect.

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                Monika Gause Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Maybe you would like to take a look at free software like Inkscape and Scribus. Tehre's also a whole bunch of Mac vector software for very little money that might suit your needs http://graphicssoft.about.com/od/vectorbasedmac/Vector_Based_Illustration_Editing_Software _for_Macintosh.htm .


                I didn't have the impression that anyone here was being disrespectful just by explaining why version 10 cannot run on the most recent system.

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                  Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                  Your reaction is kind of extreme we are only explaining the practical side of this you may not appreciate the insight we are offering or the needs of bother people but there is simply more to the story than you want to consider.


                  It simply takes a lot of resources and time to make these systems and applications work and in order to progress it has to be done. You may have a family but so do the people who create the software and hardware.


                  So you should expect that somewhere along the line you have to pay.


                  BTW why are you upgrading?

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                    MT.Freelance Level 4

                    Unfortunately, Illustrator 10 was released and compatible with Mac OS 9 and early OS X when Macs ran on the G3 and G4 PowerPC processors.


                    OS 10 has had many major revisions since then, and the brains of the Mac have gone to a different chip set (intel).


                    There is no plugin, that I am aware of, that will fix that. The option is to upgrade. Adobe is offering their current verison at 20% discount, so the price is better right now.


                    Perhaps, you can get a VM (virtual machine, like Parallels) installed in OS 10.7 to emulate a PowerPC and install a copy of the operating system from your older Mac in that, but I've not done any research into whether or not it is possible.





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                      [scott] Level 6

                      Attitude aside, It's really very simple.


                      If you want to use old software, stop updating your operating system and/or computer. There is absolutely no reason you can't run a G5 and Illustrator 10 today.


                      If you don't need Mac OS 10.7 and are simply wanting to switch to it, you certainly can't complain if 10 year old software stops working in Apple's latest bleeding edge OS.


                      For what it's worth, you may as well yell at Apple for not supporting software from the last decade. There's no feasible way Adobe could have written AI10 to be compatible with OS10.7. OS 10.7 hadn't even been thought of at that point. And if you want a "patch" to make AI10 work with OS10.7.... its called AI13 or better. You're being a bit silly.

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                        Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                        I agree Scott what's the point of upgrading if you don't want to upgrade? Doesn't make sense although I am curious as there of course might a not so obvious reason!

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                          susan53545 Level 1

                          Listen, I worked in Silicon Valley and I know that computers and OS's change and upgrade all of the time. And usually there is a patch or even a minor upgrade that solves things so that you can use your existing software. Heck even OS 9 could stay on the same hard drive as OS 10 so that people could get used to it and make any necessary changes. I am upgrading, not just for the heck of it, I have been synching my calendar, contacts and email through MobileMe between my iPhone and iMac for a couple of years and would like to continue that. However, MobileMe is converting to iCloud and will no longer exist. I already upgraded to Lion not realizing there would be a problem (i.e. NO WARNING except maybe in fine print only). I then switched to the cloud as well. Since I have found that I can no longer use half of my programs I switched back to snow leopard and am no longer synched at all between my devices. Soooo, I am researching what I can do so I can upgrade again and be synched up. I didn't expect to get so much backlash between Adobe and Apple support like I should have known better. I wasn't warned when I installed Lion that there would be incompatiblities. When I was in the workforce, I was in the know now I am a mother in the midwest who forks out tons of money just to keep up my Mac.


                          Disrespect may have been a strong word but the frustration is real.


                          Thanks to everyone for their time in responding. I do have an iBook with Illustrator so I guess when I need it I'll use it on there.

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                            Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                            True and not true where as that might have been the case the old systems are not practical and  effort to bring 64 bit to all app in the most robust way dictates that 32 bits be not supported is inevitable no matter how much anyone wishes to hang back.


                            All we are trying to alert you to is that it is time for you to see you will eventually want to upgrade or subscribe

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                              [scott] Level 6

                              I understand the frustration, Susan.


                              To be fair... there was ample warning from Apple that PowerPC (PPC) applications would no longer be supported in OS10.7 due to the lack of Roesetta - Apple's translation architecture. In addition, you can not run OS9 in conjunction with any other OS newer than 10.5. So... OS9 support died approximately 3 years ago as well. Technology moves on.


                              What you have in Illustrator 10 is the very first incarnation of an OSX aware application. In general, this means installers will not work if OS9 is not present. Most of the installers were very dependent upon OS9 at that time. Some users have had success by copying a good install of Illustrator 10 from a back up to their new OS install rather than using installers. However, I doubt this will work with OS10.7 due to core OS changes. I won't say for certain because I don't use AI10 any longer.


                              Unfortunately, you can't expect Adobe to continually support software for the rest of time. As a company they have to move on at some point and focus on newer, more developed, and more commonplace, operating systems. This is why Adobe doesn't support software from 10 years ago - there's no benefit to it. The "patch" or way to have Adobe applications work on newer operating systems is to upgrade the application.


                              The answer to your question was in my first post in this thread - you'll have to upgrade Illustrator to at least version 13 (CS3) if not better in order to use Mac OS 10.7.x. You'll also need at least Photoshop version 10 (CS3), Indesign v4ersion 5 (CS3), etc.  You might also consider that Adobe is switching to a monthly subscription model next year with the release of Creative Suite 6 applications. I, personally, think the subscription model is simply corporate greed and Adobe using a monopoly (or near monopoly) to extort more money from each user. But you may see the "Creative Cloud" from Adobe as something you'll like.


                              Sorry it's not the answer you want.

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                                susan53545 Level 1

                                fyi...i can't upgrade from AI10. i have to buy the full version of CS5 and it is only 10% off through today. whoopee.

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                                  RenéG Level 3

                                  I think it's 30% OFF, ending today.

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                                    susan53545 Level 1

                                    that's for the upgrade only. if you click on that link that says 30%, you'll see some more fine print....

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                                      [scott] Level 6

                                      Find a retailer with an older upgrade. Amaxon generally has several older version upgrades. Find a CS3 or CS4 upgrade and use that.


                                      In fact.. I know the link is for a Suite not a standalone, but the pricing is reasonable.

                                      http://www.amazon.com/Adobe-Creative-Standard-Upgrade-VERSION/dp/B000O27QFQ/ref=sr_1_20?ie =UTF8&qid=1322628838&sr=8-20