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    Script for Calculation of Check Boxes


      I have four checkboxes, each one with a different dollar amount. I want to have a total, calculated and shown, in a numerical field based on whichever checkboxes are checked. Please help.


      Checkbox #1 (if checked =$125, not checked =$0)

      Checkbox #2 (if checked =$ 90, not checked =$0)

      Checkbox #3 (if checked =$ 10, not checked =$0)

      Checkbox #4 (if checked =$ 35, not checked =$0)


      Total = $260 (if all four checked)

      Total = $125 (if 2 and 4 are checked)

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          paulk07 Level 3

          You can add the value to your check box in the "on" position. 

          Click on checkbox 1 and use the "Binding" tab of the Object pallette.  In the ON value box, type 125. 

          Repeat for checkboxes 2-4 designating the correct value.

          To your numeric field, first set the data pattern to $Z,ZZ9.99. 

          Then add the formCalc script:  Sum(CheckBox1, CheckBox2, CheckBox3, CheckBox4)


          Let us know if you need more help