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    Adding Multiple Clips to Source Viewer will totally mess up Premiere "Pro"

    AtonMusic Level 2



      As the header suggests...


      Import i.e a bunch of .MOV files from a  Canon 5DMKII into PP 5.5


      Select about 25 of them and add them to the source viewer in one go.

      After this little trick PP 5.5. will NOT play any more videos be that in the source viewer of in the sequence.

      You can save and close the project and TRY to quit PP but you will have to force quit it..


      This is on Lion 7.2



      Thanks for fixing the LAG bug on all the clips in the sequences.

      Be nice if you could fix this as well



      Also, I cannot remember seeing any limitations on how many clips one can add to the source view simultanously, however if you select 100 and add them in one go,

      PP will truncate the amount added to about the 30 last clips thus voiding the first 75...


      Really strange and really devastating to a professional and FAST workflow !