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    Hi there... I need a little help with buttons and their actions using flex builder 4.5


      I run a repo company and have zero experience in the developing applications and I could use some help from anybody that is willing to give it.... Here is a basic idea of what I need...  let's say there are 3 states... state 1 has a question that says "car you read this?" and a "yes" and a "no" button... when you select either answer, you go to slide 2.  Slide 2 with have a question like "Is the sky brown?" and a "yes" and a "no" button and when either button is selected, you are taken to Slide 3.  Slide 3 needs to be some sort of a text form that is created by the user selecting the buttons and the screen would say something like "yes, i can read this.  no, the sky is not brown", or "no, I can't read this.   yes, the sky is brown" .  I know how to get the buttons to take the user to the correct new slide, but I do not know how to get the buttons to insert specific text somewhere else when any button is selected.... Can anybody help me?  Youtube is only getting me so far, and my kids are driving me nuts while I'm trying to figure this monster out...  I've gotten several slides created and some screens have several buttons, I just need to see what I need to put in the code to get it to do this type of function