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    Playback of Audio Stream in OSMF

    Stefan Dosch

      How do you play back an audio stream in OSMF?


      Apparently this is not working... the steam is loading, but CanPlay = false is fired. It's silent.


      protected function initMediaPlayer():void


           var mediaPlayer:MediaPlayerSprite = new MediaPlayerSprite();

           mediaPlayer.mediaPlayer.autoPlay = true;



           var audioElement:AudioElement = new AudioElement(new URLResource("http://listen.to.techno4ever.net/dsl/mp3"))


           mediaPlayer.media = audioElement;



      Not using OSMF this is working:


      protected function initSound():void


           var sound:Sound = new Sound();

           sound.load(new URLRequest("http://listen.to.techno4ever.net/dsl/mp3"));




      Thanks for any input on this...