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    Requesting Help with Sony DCR-HC36 and Premier Elements 8


      First and Foremost, I'm a complete amatuer with respect to video and I'm new to the forum.

      That being said, I'm trying to capture video from my Sony MiniDV camera model # DCR-HC36 with Premiere Elements Version 8.


      Everytime I go to File>Get Media>DV Camcorder, Premiere tells me there is no DV camera connected.


      I'm using an HP PC running Win 7 Home 64bit.  I installed a SIIG PCIe Firewire 800 card into the HP and am using the 4pin to 9pin Firewire cable.

      The Firewire 800 card installed fine.  I can see it in the Device Manager.

      I also tested functionality of the Firewire card by connecting an External Firewire Hard drive. The HD worked perfectly.


      Do I have to install some drivers for the camera itself?  If so, does anyone know what they are and where best to get them?  I checked Sony website and the available downloads are actual programs that I don't really want to mess with.


      FYI, I hooked the camera up to a Macbook Pro, opened I movie and the Mac just about did all the work.  (I know, I know, but please no comments about switching to a Mac.) lol.

      So, I do know the camera Firewire port works fine.


      I look forward to getting some tips from the forum users.  Thank you in advance.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You put the FireWire port in the Mac? What form is the port? Is it a card that you install onto the motherboard?


          Assuming that, your problem could be with Windows 7 64-bit, which does not always install the correct FireWire driver. Bill Hunt's tips & tricks discuss the solution.



          Beyond that, you can test the connection by seeing if you can capture video with Windows MovieMaker.


          And, if for some reason you can't get Premiere Elements to capture, you can always use a program like WinDV. Video  captured over FireWire with WinDV is compatible with Premiere Elements.

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            nealeh Level 5

            Device identification should be automatic, whether Firewire or USB - sadly though sometime it isn't.


            One of my Sony devices (A100 DSLR) requires that the camera be switched before inserting the(for the A100) a USB cable or it is not recognised in the Organiser. It you have only been switching the camera on after connecting the cable you might try turning it on before.


            From the specification your camera has both USB and Firewire connections. Have you tried the USB?


            If the above doesn't work for you then you should probably install the Sony Picture Motion Browser (PMB) software. It may install a driver for your camera.


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