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    New to Pre Ele 9 download and lag


      I had been using PE 3 for several years. I recently upgraded to PE 9.  I also have new computers in my classroom. These do not have firewire.  I have some Canon ZR800 cameras that use firewire.  I got some 4 pin to USB cables to see if that will work. Haven't tried them yet but I don't have much hope.  What else could I try?


      My computer at home has PE 9 and is an older computer.  3 gig processor with 4 gig mem 865 chipset 500 gig HDD. (does have firewire). 


      I also got, for myselt, a JVC camcorder that I have successfully copied to my HDD and uploaded to PE 9.  In the preview area the videos work fine.  However, when I drag it over to the sceneline, the scenes lag or do not have a smooth motion. 


      I also have a Casio EX-ZR100 camera that can record video at up to 1000 fps.  I had some footage that I recorded (not sure of the speed, I was just experimenting) and some more I recorded today at 30fps and it records to H.264 and I uploaded that to PE 9 as well.  It has the same problem as above.  Plays in the preview clip area fine but in the sceneline or timeline it gets the herky-jerkies. 


      In all it looks like I have several questions in one post

      1. How can I upload DV tapes without firewire?

      2. what is causing the jerky motion when I place clips in the sceneline and how to I fix it?