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    On-board Intel Graphics card faster than NVidia Geforce GT540M on Canon 5D mk ii footage


      Hello Everyone,

      I have installed the trial version of Premiere 5.0 on my brand new msi ge 620 with intel i7, 8GB RAM on win 7.


      When I tried to preview a footage from Canon 5D with color correction filter it did a perfect job. I was able to watch real-time playback.

      Then I tried Mojo's Looks plugin and it gave an error saying that I don't have the drivers for my Nvidia installed. So I went online and installed them.


      But with Nvidia, the preview performance dropped like a stone. I couldn't watch the preview even at 1/4 size. I switched back

      to the onboard graphics card and it played fine again.


      I know that I'm not supposed work with h264 files but still, isn't something wrong here?

      What am I doing wrong?