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    Disk Cache



      Is it possible to switch off "Enable Disk Cache" in Media&Disk Cache preferences for all users? Now i can switch off this option in my account, but on the other account on the same machine this option is enable by default.


      The same problem i have with Photoshop, i try to change scratch disk for all users....

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          AtonMusic Level 2

          Since the adobe apps store their preferences in the user account, I dont think that is possible !

          You could just copy the preferences for the app in question into the new user account, then you would not have to do it manually

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            As suggested, simply copy the prefs. Still, if the user has pertinent privilegs, he can always chnange it back, so the best thing is probably to brief your people properly rather than trying to sneak aroud behind their backs...



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              ozz_ozz Level 1

              I copy user preferences to the Default profile in Windows 7. That solved my problem. thank you for your response