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    Contents Page, Justified Chapters

    luca del carlo Level 1

      I have a contents page with 20 chapters listed. Chapter numbers are left justified and page numbers are right justified. Very standard. I wish to allign the chapter titles after their numbers evenly, but I'm unsure exactly how to do it. When entering the same number of blank spaces in between the chapter number and the chpater, the chapter titles don't appear to line up properly everywhere. It looks something like this:


      1.    The County Seat Horodenka—Fierce Competition               

      2.    My Rabbi-Teacher, Schimshale from Milnitz, for Whom        

      3.    Perhaps My First Part                                                       

      4.    Moische, Does One Smash Windows?                               

      5-9  Our Family Grows                                                             

      10.  Our Family Grows Smaller, Our Poverty Greater                   

      11.  My Brother Schmiel, with the Rich Imagination,                   

             Comes Home

      12.  Everyone Fights with the Weapons He Has                          



      It's likely very basic.Thank you.