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    How to create a PDF that's editable in reader?




      I am creating a document/tool in Indesign that I am exporting as a PDF - basically it's a document with lots of hyperlinks in to ebale the user to navigate to health information and local contacts. The tool has the same information on it but I want to leave some pages blank so various other people can localise it and add their own local contacts.


      I want to make it as simple as possible for someone with Reader to be able to add data in a few fields and save. Can this be done in Reader or would you need Adobe Pro?


      I am aware you can use forms to create editable fields? Is that the only way to do it? My problem is that after the new data is added, I don't want the PDF to save as another form or in the style of a form.


      Also, this tool will be sent out to non-technical people so the easier they can add and save the data the better - am I being to amitious? I appreciate PDF is designed nto to be editable but I've read it can be done.


      On other forums the advice isn't that straightforward.


      Thanks in advance fr your help.