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    Font Capture:  PhotoShopServer.exe error - Application Error


      I recently installed Premiere Elements 10 and, after a couple of days, I get the following error on OS boot:


      Font Capture: PhotoShopServer.exe - Application Error

      The instruction at "0x103ed4b3" referenced memory at "0x00000a74". The memory could not be "read".


      PE _seems_ to work, but does some strange things from time to time.  I need to correct this error, and hope it resolves the strange PE behavior.  I've seen other postings of the same error in PhotoShop and Encore forums with no resolution.  Certainly someone at Adobe must know what causes this.  Thoughts, anyone?


      Running XP Pro 32 bit with SP3 on Dual Core 2.2GHz with 3GB RAM available.


      Thanks for your suggestions!