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    surprising limitation

    tyree_2 Level 2

      it seems director is unable play animation on keypress. if the navigation for the character and animation are on the same keys. I know director is supposed to be going in the direction of an engine but it has a way to go. when navigation and animation on the same key are a problem

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          tyree_2 Level 2

          I made the previous post early this morning. I left home came back later in the evening and decided to try it again. soon as I turned on my computer I got a shockwave update. went to director put in some counter code to deal with the issues I was having. and now everything is working fine. Im assuming the update had something to do with the animation now being able to play while a key is being held down. that just didnt work at all. I tried for several days straight and got the same exact result everytime.  navigation and animation playing on the same key now work perfectly.