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    Youtube crashes, freezes Firefox


      Hey guys, can anyone tell me why youtube is crashing (freezing/hanging) firefox? Everytime I go to it, it immediately crashes firefox.  No problem whatsoever in IE only firefox.  I've reinstalled. both Firefox and Flashplayer numerous times.  The best I can get is one-time functionality after a fresh install of Flash-player. After the uninstal/reinstall, I can I pull up youtube and it works as long as I'm on the youtube page or as long as my browser is open.  But once I close my browser and go back to a youtube page, one again it immeditately crashes.  The only thing I can do is close firefox via task manager.  I've also tried the disabling the accelaration. But basically acts the same.



      Anybody know what's goin on here and how to fix?



      By the wa, Firefox works great on youtube without the flashplayer (of course, you can't see the movies but it does work -- only doesn't work when the flashplayer is installed)



      Windows 7\   64 bit

      Firefox 8.0.1.

      IE 8