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    radio button default, email ehnancement

    Dave EFH

      with FormsCentral can you / sure would be nice:


      1) for radio buttons and check boxes, select one of them as the initial / default value


      2) for confirmation e-mails back to person who filled out the form, have an option to send a true cc: or bcc: of that email to a pre-defined e-mail address set by the form owner.  I need to be able to keep a true copy of the email the user receives for dispute resolution. Also on the email do not show as coming from Adobe FormsCentral but from a form-owner defined name.


      3) for notifications, have the option to have notification emails go to an email other than the form owner's default email, one that would be defined by the form owner, and the option for multiple addresses.  This could be separate for each form.


      4) at least 2 column are critical (I know this is in the works but I wanted to re-iterate the need)


      5) have a unique id value be system generated for each record created


      Thanks and please keep the enhancements coming, potential for a great product.