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    Extracting a layout & images from PDF to use in Adobe Illustrator to create webpage

    wrsg01 Level 1

      I have been asked to build a small website based on a PDF template (with an additional .indd file) created by a designer who knows nothing about HTML, but they have advised me is that it should be possible to somehow extract the required components (layout & images) using Adobe Illustrator CS5 and then use those to create the webpages.

      Is this correct or is there a better way to get the layout & images out of the PDF or .indd files?

      I can just about figure my way through Adobe Illustrator, but guidance would be helpful as this is the 1st time i have attempted something like this.

      Also the layout that has been provided is about the 1/2 the size it should be, I have tried scaling this up within Adobe Illustrator, but the resulting image won't export to a webpage properly, all that exports is what is within the little box in the middle of the screen. I know I am doing this wrong. What's the correct way to make everything larger?