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    Updating or Creating a new TOC


      Strange one here-

      Attempting  to create a TOC for a catalog- 57pages... I created a specific paragraph style that I used to label categories on the top of each page of the catalog. Then I created a table of contents using the paragraph style- worked as advertised... Well I went thru an edited almost every category on each page as I wanted to make them a bit more specific. I clicked 'update table of contents' and I receive: "the destination you have chosen is a hidden destination and already in use by another hyperlink. A hidden destination cannot be shared by multiple hyperlinks"... I checked EVERY category and ensured that all of the text fit in the frames. I deleted the TOC and attempted to create another one and got the same error. Really not sure what I am missing here as the ONLY thing I did was edit the categories some... Further, I am not sure of any other information that I need to provide here to show you the entire issue. Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to provide!