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    Playing an FLV video

    Winston2 Level 1

      I'm using Flash CS4.

      I just dropped an FLV file into my document and tested it.

      What asctionscript can I use to get it to **not** autoplay?

      Instead I would like to place the words "Click Here to play video" on top of the video so that when the user clicks on the text the video then begins to play.

      Should I use a button for this?

      Many thanks.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You can either set the autoPlay property of the FLVPlayback to false in the Properties panel (parameters section) or you can set it to be false using code... flvName.autoPlay = false;


          You can create a button and place it atop your FLVPlayback if you lke.


          You should look up the FLVPlayback component in the help documentation to see al the properties and methods that are available for you to utilize.

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            adninjastrator Level 4

            As Ned said, use a button.

            While I don't use the FLVPlayback component but rather use NetStream, the process will work for either.

            In Frame one, you can either load the .flv and "pause" or just use a thumbnail image from the video as your button, but you simple create a button to "Click Here to play video" which (when clicked) jumps to frame two, where you have the video player set to auto start.

            Best wishes,