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    Flex Line Chart series interpolation problems

    abeall Level 3

      I have a LineChart with the following series:



              <mx:LineSeries id="myLineSeries" xField="name" yField="scaleValue" showDataEffect="{this.seriesInterpolation}"



                      <mx:Stroke color="{MyColors.ORANGE}" weight="3" alpha="1" />



              <mx:PlotSeries id="myPlotSeries" xField="xValue" yField="yValue" radius="10" stroke="{null}"



                      <mx:SolidColor color="{MyColors.BLUE}" />





      My interpolation effect:


      <mx:SeriesInterpolate id="seriesInterpolation" duration="500"  />


      The problem is that when I set myPlotSeries.dataProvider it completely redraws the line series, as if from null values to the current values -- very undesired, it shouldn't be changing the line series at all. If I set myLineSeries.dataProvider I get the expected inerpolation effect between the old line series values and the new line series values.


      Any idea why the line series is redrawing from blank values when I set the plot series?