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    missing emails to some recipients

    kc_chaitu Level 2

      I'm using a process which takes an array of employee ids (around 80 ids in one call) as input, sends a pdf appraisal form to all the employee ids.I sent to around 500 employees this way.

      This is woking fine.  I observe that some employees didnt receive it till date. Asked them to check it in junk and they still didnt see it. Checked the process instance for that employee & it was fine without any error. When I resend the form using process to that particular employee id , it went fine.


      Will LC miss some email ids when we send it in mass? Or do we need to do any configuration settings so that it takes more system resources or some thing else so that it will not miss any one.



      Kindly advise.




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          kc_chaitu Level 2

          Can anyone help me on this? I see the process instance status as complete for that particular mail id and all other tasks after sending email were also done nicely.

          But it's a mystery why these guys didnt receive the email? is it anything Livecycle got to do or we can push the problem to Outlook (inbox full / mail missing some where..)