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    What are "Dependencies" for Custom Toolbar Items in RoboHelp 9 WebHelp?

    ginafromtampa Level 1

      I am creating a custom WebHelp toolbar button, and noticed "Dependencies" on the Advanced tab of the Custom Toolbar Item dialog.  Does anyone know what "Dependencies" are?  In RoboHelp's online help for Skins, I found "add or remove dependent files for the custom toolbar item when using the multi-author feature" along with some vague information about dependent files.


      What I want to do is create a button that looks like a tab for "Overview", "Steps", and "Reference" so that when a user is on a "Steps" topic such as "How to do this", they can click the Reference button which will go to the relevant topic for that section.  I've got a feeling I'd have to write some javascript which I don't know how to do.  (This is for FrameMaker DITA XML published to RoboHelp with Technical Communication Suite 3.5.)


      I'm using the "Omega" WebHelp skin for the tab design.