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    How to make Flash AS2.0 SCORM/LMS 1.2 fully compliant?


      Hi all, I need to make Flash AS2.0 SCORM 1.2 fully compliant. I have used pipwerks 1.2 wrapper as a example, and the paging works.

      However I also need an example that does the following:  User name Scoring, Time taken etc.

      I have tried adding cmi.core.score.raw (In AS 2.0) to get score working but when I test it in Scorm test suit, it does not work, and is not scorm compliant.

      So can someone tell me how to make flash AS2.0 (and AS3.0) Scorm compliance  i.e. what AS code do I need to add by ways of code examples.

      Also what is the best test suit to test it is scorm compliant?