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    Render DRM protected EPUB as text


      Hi there,


      I'm using the Adobe RMSDK to render EPUB and PDF ebooks. Currently, it is done by making a call to the RMDocumentHost::render function, which renders an image in a buffer which is passed to the function.


      I have been assigned a task to render the EPUB ebooks as text. It seems that unprotected EPUBs can be unzipped and displayed in a webview component. Thing is, when I unzip fullfilled DRM protected EPUBs, the content inside the different chapters is still encrypted.


      Does anyone have an idea on how I can go about with this? I have been on this issue for about a week, and it is getting extremely frustating, as I can't seem to find any documentation on the topic. The inline documentation isn't of much help either.


      I'm using XCode 4.2, Objective C/C++ , target device is iPhone/iPad.


      Any ideas is welcome.