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    A post-upgrade to CS5.5 question.

    MangaGal Level 1

      Hi guys


      I don't know which forum I should post this question to...hopefully this is the right place.

      Early this year, I upgraded my CS to CS5. Then the CS5.5 was released. So I bought the upgrade to CS5.5 as well recently.


      After I went through the installation process, all the CS5 applications were still installed. I thought the CS5.5 would just uprade the CS5, subsequently removing them.

      Anyway, so I uninstall the CS5 but keeping the CS5.5.


      I'm really confused. If the upgrade doesn't "take away" the CS5, what should I do with the CS5 box (software)? I don't need it? It's a lot of money for the "box" to just sit there in the dusty closet.


      Sorry if this seems a dumb question. I don't like wasting resources that's all.


      Thanks for reading.