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    Cannot authorize device


      I initially installed ADE on my PC. I just bought a Samsung Galaxy tab and want to download the books that I've bought to that device. When I try to activate the tablet, I get the following error: "Authorization failed. Your Adobe Account has not been authorized on this device, because the authorization request expired." I am not allowed to go any further. Can you please let me know how to activate it?

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          After three years, I have the same problem: I installed Adobe DRM on my Samsung tablet, but when I go to register it with my Adobe ID tells me "device activation failed". Can anyone help me?

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            paolaloi Level 1

            My problem resulted from not having the correct time zone in my setup. Once i changed that, i was able to authorize my tablet!!

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              Abhis Level 1

              In ADE,
              Ctrl Shift D (Windows) or Cmd Shift D (Mac) will remove the activation, and
              allow you to reactivate with a different ID when you launch ADE again.          



              *      press "Ctrl Shift E", this will
              bring up the "Device Detection" dialog box          



              *      select your  eReader and deactivate it.          



              *      Unplug and replug your eReader      



              *      The Device Authorization dialog should
              show up, and you can Authorize to the correct AdobeID.