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    Company Logo Image Fields in Dynamic Forms


      HI everyone,


      I have designed a livecycle dynamic form that contains fillable fields for the users. In this form, I want to insert a image field at the top left corner of the page so the users can simply add their company logo here. I have some doubts and need some clarifications regarding a few issues I am not sure how to go about:


      1) I realise that I have to use the "Image Field" object in order for the users to import the logo image from their computer. This is pretty straight forward. However, is there a way for me to add a default image in this field that says something like "Add your logo here"  and I want this default image to only show in screen only and not in print if the user did not insert his own logo? Is there a way to do this? 


      I was having a look around and I couldnt find anything that may answer this for me. I was thinking about it and what I have done so far is, I added another "Image" object at the same spot and I added the "Add your logo here" picture to this field. I have then set its presence to "Visible (Screen Only)" and placed this object behind the "Image field" object. So bascially what this does is, if the user adds a logo by using the image field, this image overlaps the "image" object that is placed behind this. Is this the right way to do this? Or is there another simpler way to do this??


      If what I have done above is the only option, then I see that there are some limitations to it. Let me explain..Lets say that the image in the "Image Object" have the size 2in width X 1in height. So, if the user places a logo image by using the "Image Field Object" above this and if the user's logo size is smaller that the image field at the back (lets say the user's logo is only 1in width X 1in height), then when the logo image overlaps, the excess width of the image behind pops out and it looks bad on screen. Hope this makes sense...Was wondering if there is a way around this?? I am using "Scale image proportionally" instead of "Scale image to fit Rectangle" for the image field object.


      2) Another thing is, once the user inserts an image by using the "Image field Object", is there a way for the user to clear this image if the user later changed their mind and doesnt want to add a logo to it? Do I need to add a button in order for the users to clear the images they added in the image field object? If so, can anyone help me out with the jscript for this?


      Thanks to everyone who took their time to read this...Looking forward for your response..

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          blackops_programmer Level 1

          just a quick one..I think I may have found an answer for my question 2 above. I saw Radzmar's response here and I will give it a go: http://acrobatusers.com/forum/forms-livecycle-designer/resetting-image-field-0


          If anyone can help me with the Question 1 above would be great..



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            Hi everyone,


            Just an update in relation to my Question 1 from above:


            I scratched my old idea of putting a image object behind image field object etc..etc..in order to show a default hidden image for inserting logo. Instead, what I have done now is, I only use the Image field object and have embedded the default "Insert Logo here" image to this field. Next to this, I have added the "Clear Logo" button that basically clears the image in the image field. So here, if the users are adding their logo, they simply click on this object and add their logo that will replace the default image in it. Or, if the user doesnt want to add any logo to it, they need to click on the "Clear Logo" button to clear off the default image. I think this is probably a better way than the other method I was thinking before. The only thing here is, I have to make sure that the users are aware that they need to press the "Clear Logo" button if they want to clear the default image if not it will end up printing as well.


            If anyone else has any suggestion or do the same differently, please fill me in.



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              dbjackie Level 1

              This is how I did it. I put the image field object down and then behind it, i have a text box that has the text "insert logo" and outlined the image field with a border.

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