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    Create a self-contained project I can send to someone?


      This week I am creating an AE project for a friend, but want to be able to send him everything so that he can tweak or change it in the future if he wants to - using his own copy of AE on his machine.


      It's just something simple, using some purchased templates (spinning cubes with text, still images and music etc - no large files or video).


      What should I do to ensure that I can package it up and upload it to my server so he can download it at his end? Naturally, I want everything contained within the project (any images I use etc) to be all centrally-located so he can edit it on his machine as if he had created it on there.


      Any advice would be great. Thanks.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Just follow a simple folder structure that looks like this:



               Footage (all footage items go here and you can have sub folders)



          Now zip up the MyProject folder and send it off.


          The other thing you could do would be to select the Master Comp in the Project panel and then go to File>Collect files. This will ask you for a folder where you want to collect the files. Make a new one and name it something like MyProject, then click OK. A file structure that looks like the one I outlined will be created. Zip it up and you're good to go.