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    ok, i'm ready to tackle this flicker problem once and for all...

    Keith_Clark Level 2

      ok, so when it comes to dealing with old analogue video, i always have a problem of glitchy flickery video.... it only happens when there is actual movement introduced while recording to tape (to quarantine the problem, i bought a brand new tape for my old as dirt 8mm cam, and set it on a tripod, recorded some stuff, then captured it.... smooth as silk. then i picked up the camera and kinda stomped around while recording, imported it, glitchy and flickery, but only on each step. i set up the cam to capture live footage and no tape at all, shook the camera while capturing for effect, and smooth as silk. now, i have tried these tests with 8mm cam circa 1998, VHS-C cam circa 2001, regular VHS over shoulder super old cam circa i have no idea, and all the test results turn out the same in all 3 different cameras. i even tried interfacing the cams through a vcr, and still the same problem. i even bought an external stabilizer (the ones that sell for like 15 bucks a pop on ebay), and no help.


      (pssst, heres a clip of what i'm talking about.... if you notice it does it at the beginning, but not at the end... there was only movement (foot tapping or something) at the beginning, but then no more movement from the camera holder at the end)


      so i'll explain my set-up. i have my analogue sources going through a hauppauge TV tuner via an rca-to-s-video converter do-dad from the rca out on the cam, and using Roxio Capture to capture the footage. the computer is quad-core 3ghz, 8gb ram, win7 x64, 3 internal 1tb HDD all at 7200 rpm set to harm's suggestion for a 3 HDD set-up, Adobe Production Premium CS5.  i only do dv-avi with THIS particular workflow, so with THIS workflow we're just talking SD footage... the computer i have is more than a work horse for just SD.


      what i want to know is.... if i were to go and spring for a Grass Valley Canopus ADVC, can anyone on here testify if using FireWire, and going through PrPro for capture instead of that roxio garbage, if it would come out being how i see the footage on tv? cause on the tv off the camera it is smooth as silk. but after it is digitized, it looks all glitchy depending on the circumstance. i thougt maybe it was the tape.... but ALL tapes? with 3 different cameras? were talking probably about 50 tapes i have dealt with.... all with this problem... the ONLY constant in all this has been the hauppauge TV Tuner card, and the Roxio BS software....


      any wise counsel? cause i'm fed up with this problem!