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    PrE won't render effects correctly


      I'm sure it's a simple oversight, but it's driving me nuts. What am I doing to cause PrE 9 not to render the auto level effect correctly when I "Share" it out to view? I've searched through the forums and the support for the last couple hours and haven't found any answers.


      Here's a screen shot of my workspace (left) and the rendered .mp4 (right). The .mp4 is exactly what the clip looks like without the effect applied.



      Thanks for taking a look and for any insights.



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          Nash_John Level 3

          Hi Pete


          What are the details of the format of your original file, and which project setting did you used while creating your project.

          Make sure you choose the project setting that best matches your source clips.


          In addition, before exporting your movie, please check the properties of the clip to make sure that the effect is applied and also make sure that it is not OFF by any chance.(If so make it ON, by clicking on the eye icon in properties panel)


          Also before exporting, do render a small portion of the timeline maually, by setting the work area bar and then clicking Enter.

          After rendering manually, do you see the effect applied properly?

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            Smartskey Level 1

            Thanks Nash_John for your suggestions.


            I'm using a Zi8 recording at 1080p. I opened a new project to see what's goin' on. My successful projects are AVCHD 720p. When I select AVCHD Lite 60 and attempt to pull in a clip, I get the mismatch warning. I allowed PrE9 to select a project format that matches the media. It defaults to DSLR1080 and looks like garbage. So to answer your first question, I'm not sure if this is the best match for my source clip.


            The properties eyeballs are all visible and on


            It renders as wanted/needed/expected in the timeline, just not in the export/render out.


            Thanks again for you help. I appreciate it.



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              Nash_John Level 3

              Hi Pete


              I looked through your issue, and tried to reproduce it. It even got reproduced on my system.

              Please tell me that after creating a DSLR 1080p project, placing your clip, and applying effect, which export category(Computer, Mobile Phone, etc.) and which export preset are you using for exporting your movie??

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                Nash_John Level 3

                Hey Pete

                This is to tell you that the 3 Auto effects (Auto Color, Auto Contrast, Auto Levels) are not being exported from PrE, when you choose a preset that has a different resolution from your source clips and project presets.

                If your clips and the project presets are 1080p, then please make sure that your selected preset for output should also be at 1080p. Then your auto level effect will be exported successfully