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    Workflow: Editing Head and Tail of Raw footage

    mkochsch Level 1

      I'm new to Premiere Pro. Using CS5.5. I'm shooting 1080i AVCHD footage on site for a production. I burn everything to DVD when I come from the shoot. I copy my footage directly from the harddrive of the camera (Sony HDR XR-200) to my RAID1. I would like to be able to cut the head and the tail of some of my clips once copied to the computer to save a little space and make the clips a little easier to handle. How do I do this? The files are all MTS/m2TS (MPEG-2 H.264 AVCHD subset) I could trim them on the camera but that would be a pain and I'd prefer to be working on my 1920 by 1080 monitor when I'm making those kind of decisions. I thought of Quicktime but it doesn't like the files. I need something quick and dirty. Thx.