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    Indesign Table of Contents

    DG2040 Level 1

      I am creating a table of contents in a book and I am having trouble making the table of contents generate page numbering when a section goes to more than one page.



      Road Running.....................pages 2-9

      Road Biking.......................pages 10-12


      Is it possible to show a section and display that a certain section is from page x to page z?

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          That's a feature of an INDEX, not a TOC, generally. In a TOC the listing picks up text with a designated paragraph style and listes the page number on which that text is found (or starts, if the paragraph crosses a page boundary). The only way you would get a range indication in a TOC is if the same text appears on several pages and you actually edit the TOC text after it is generated to create the range listing.


          In an index you insert index markers into the text for words or strings you want to appear, define how they should be sorted, and can specify a page range type listing for topics based on when a style changes.