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    Print spooler jammed by 3/1 for only one page

    karthik kannan J Level 1

      Hello all!


      I have an Deskjet F4200 .  For some unknown reason, whenever I try printing, the document prints perfectly however if I look at the print queue, it shows 3/1 pages for example when I print just one page (should show 1/1 page).  What is even more strange the pring job remains stuck at 3/1 pages for at least 5-10 minutes even after the page has been printed.  After the 5-10 minutes is up, the print job disappears.  I have to manually remove the job or wait 5-10 minutes.


      If I print just one document, it is not a big issue.  However if I print multiple documents, it remains stuck each time.  If I print 3 copies of the same document, it shows 9/1 pages instead of 1/3 or 2/3 or 3/3.


      I did a search on the forums, and tried unplugging the printer, plug back in for 3 times and the problem still occurs.


      Any ideas to resolve this issue?


      Thanks in advance!

      Karthik khan