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    How to i create multiple TOC in indesign?




      I'm often asked to create documents with three seperate TOC for Main text, a figure list and for Appendices. I need them all to be seperate from each other with a heading, but I can only get indesign to create one large TOC with all of the three different types of content information jumbled up together in the order that they appear throught out the document. Is it possible to create 3 seperate TOC and how do I do it?


      Thank you

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Absolutely. The key is that each of the types of things you want to list must have a unique paragraph style name. Then you just include the styles for that TOC and none of the others. You should also define a separate TOC Style (that defines what's included and the organization) for each one so you don't have to keep editing the default each time you need to update.


          Put them into inidvidual frames (which I hope would be obvious). If you select one, you can use the Update TOC command and it will remember which style was applied.