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    PC-Mac issues with PDF multimedia created in Acrobat X


      I created a slideshow in Lightroom and exported it to pdf. I brought it into Acrobat and added a few slides in the beginning, plus sound that starts at the first Lightroom slide (and the Lightroom slides autoplay, presumably this was a setting in Lightroom that carried over, since the slides I added don't?). This all works fine on my PC with Reader.

      I need this to work on a Mac. I don't know what OS, but the person has downloaded Reader X and reports that the sound player doesn't appear on that slide, and the Lightroom slides don't autoplay. I don't have a Mac to test with, so are there settings in her Reader that can be made so that these two things will work? She can play the source mp3 file separately.


      BTW, I created the mp3 from my own WAV in an old edition of Audition, if that makes any difference. Also, I have since found the autoplay setting in Edit>Preferences, at least in the PC version.