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    Table with rounded corners in CS5?

    thedesmodus Level 1

      I am dealing with an issue, I need a table with 2 rounded top-corners. The top row is a shade of black (and needs the 2 rounded corners.


      Here is what I do:

      I make my table with a regular straight angled top-row in it's own text-frame. Then adjust the frame to the table (cmd-alt-c). Select the arrow selection tool, cut the text-frame with the table. Then create a new text-frame with 2 rounded top corners. Then past the table into this new frame.

      What now happens is that the table does not snap to the 0 point of the new frame, but it insets on the left side. When I make it align right it does it the other way around. Plus the part of the top-frame with the shade of black does not cut of on the rounded part of the frame.


      I know another option is to create a text-frame with the rounded corners on exactly the size I need it in the table, and then paste this into the top frame of the table (making sure the inset is 0). But I would like to use this as a last resort.


      We have a preference for the first option I wrote about, since we are linking Excel files and then creating InCopy content. (If a table is not placed in a seperate text frame and then linked to the floating text, InDesign loses the link to the Excel.)


      Is this at all possible? From this site it seems it is ( http://www.justskins.com/forums/table-with-rounded-corners-117551.html )