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    Setting zero width space as bullet character for paragraphStyle

    Loic.Aigon Adobe Community Professional



      Maybe this one could go on in the general InDesign forum but as I am trying to achieve this by script, I thought I could get valuable inputs from you guys.


      Do you think it's possible to set a zero width space as a bullet character for a paragraph style ?

      If I try this to get character code, its failing :


      app.selection[0].characters[0].contents .charCodeAt (0); //Error


      Given that first and unique character is a zero width space. It works fine with a regular character. So it seems that as it is a special character, it doesn't have any code (except from enumeration) ?


      I noticed unicode for zero width space is U+200B but I can't get to pass it as a value for the bulletChar.characterValue property.


      Am I stuck in a deadend ?