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    Debugger and InDesign Freeze During Debugging

    mlavie Level 1

      Hi All,

      For CS5 and ActionScript on WIin7:


      I have written a large extension for InDesign.


      There is a certain class which very often caused InDeisgn and/or the FB Debugger to freeze, and I have to kill them with the Windows task manager. It happens sometimes if my cursor even passes over an Expression in the Debugger's Expression window. Sometimes it just freezes even if there are no break points in that class or expressions at all. Occasionally, the debugger complains about a "synchonization error". All my other classes and all my other extesnions are free of this problem.


      I don't see anything unusual or exceptional in the code for the problematic classes.


      I couldn't fins anything abouth this in the Forum or in Google.


      I'd really appreciate advice.