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    placed jpgs -> pdf much bigger then jpgs filesize - why !?




      i can't understand what exactly indesign doing, hopefully someone got an idea..

      thanks in advance..


      I placed a few jpgs, which are overall about 1.4 mb. The final Pdf, which only includes these jpgs is much bigger, 3.3 mb. I tried different export settings (best quality, smallest filesize, played with image compression ..) but the pdfs filesize always was between 2.8 (bad quality..) and 3.9.


      In another test i printed the jpgs directly in a pdf file with Adobe PDF Printer directly from Windows Photo Viewer. Filesize was a few percent smaller than the original jpgs, Quality was pretty the same.

      Finaly i placed these Pdfs in indesign and export the whole document as Pdf -> 2.3 mb

      whyy ?!