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    Auto Save??!!

    bigsteve12 Level 1


      i have worked on something here and suddenly my Programm just shuts down......I was working for almost 2 hours on that. It was autosaving a couple of times. Unfortunately I cant find my file now to restore it. What is the default location where my file should be? Thx, hopefully my work from the last 2 hours isnt gone.....

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          Nash_John Level 3

          Hi Steve

          I think you are asking for the .prel file of the project you have created.

          On both Win and MAC, its default location is in you Documents folder :

          \Documents\Adobe\Premiere Elements\10.0\


          Hope you find your work safe.

          And do remember to Save, every now and then from next time.

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            bigsteve12 Level 1

            Ok, if I go to that folder I can find 2 files....When i doubleclick on that file (only 92kb!!??), my Adobe opens but my files are not there...Is there anything else I have to do??



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              Nash_John Level 3

              If by any chance, your project file at this location doesnot conatin the work you have done, then there is also a folder named Adobe Premiere Elements Auto-Save,

              in the same location. The whole path is

              \Documents\Adobe\Premiere Elements\10.0\Adobe Premiere Elements Auto-Save\


              This folder contains the last 5 copies of your project, when it was auto-saved.

              e.g. if your project name was Steve.prel, then this folder will contain 5 named

              Steve -1.prel

              Steve -2.prel

              Steve -3.prel

              Steve -4.prel

              Steve -5.prel

              Which are the last five copies of your project when it was auto-saved.


              You can use these.

              Good Luck

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                Nash_John Level 3

                You project file sizes are generally in KB's only, as they only contain the links to your assets and the stores the effects and other things as properties applied to the assets. You actual assets are not copied in the project file, they remain at there original location only.(Until you use Project Archiver)

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                  bigsteve12 Level 1

                  Ok, thx a lot.... I found it

                  Have a nice day, or better night if u r in the states....

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                    Nash_John Level 3

                    Good to Hear..

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      Great news!


                      For a bit more background on the PREL (Project) files, see this ARTICLE.


                      Good luck,



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