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    flash gallery problem


      I am using a flash gallery with XML. Thumbs, pictures and text are loaded into page. That's ok
      At first page was ment to move thumbs with sliding bar. I made the dragger invisible and change its position on mouse position in thumb bar, so that it would look like smooth run without the dragger. But there is a problem. When the mouse is over the thumb, it shows only an option to change the picture, the invisible dragger wont move in mouse position over the thumb. Dragger moves only when the mouse is between thumbs. Becouse of that thumbs sometimes jump and there is a trouble to catch desired thumb. Also sometimes sliding is still active when the mouse is outside the thumb box position..
      I know there is a way to move the thumbs without using a dragger, or make it active mouse over thumbs.. it must be a simple script add, but my actionscript is just to poor ...


      Can somebody please help me ... im loosing my mind...