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    Hidden but printable date time stamp shows date but time is always 0:00am


      According to the user that creates these secured documents, they have a written procedure to create a hidden but printable date time stamp. At some point all older and even currently produced documents started not printing the current time, just "0:00am" (i.e. 11/28/2011 0:00am). Print Preview does not shows the same thing, of course. The directions they use mention JavaScript. We have tried making various changes to the security settings and JavaScript options in Preferences to no avail. We are required by a customer to show the current date/time when printing the documents. Is it possible a Microsoft security update is preventing this? Most builds are Windows XP SP3 with various versions of IE and Office 2010. Opening the PDF's in IE and Reader produces the same results. Help?


      May have found the answer in the discussion titled "

      Date/Time stamp JS Code no longer working in Adobe 9

      I will update this when I can confirm.


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