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    compiling SDK on windows


      i am new to Adobe SDK development but not to C++. nothing is ever easy but getting the adobe examples to complie is bordering on the impossible. i need some help.


      SDK CS5.5 example project opens in visual studio 2008 pro (on win7, 64bit) but won't compile or build. no matter which example project i try the output window just shows "Build: 0 succeeded or up-to-date, 0 failed, 1 skipped". when i choose to see the project properties i get a dialogue saying "the operation could not be completed". any ideas?

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          shachar carmi Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          hi morishuz_!

          welcome to the forum.



          most problems of such sort usually have to do with the path the SDK is located at.

          it should be located at something like c:/program files/after effects 5.5 sdk.

          i don't remember exactly. (i jumped through hoops to locate it somewhere else)

          older versions of the SDK had an installer that put them in the right path.


          here are a few threads that dealt with such issues:




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            morishuz Level 1

            thanks for the info!


            unfortunately unless i have the exact path it's not really worthy trying to move the folder. although i somehow doubt this is the cause of my problem. i don't get any error messages - unlike the issues highlighted in the previous threads you posted, which mostly seem to be about x64 bit issues with 2008 express (i am using 2008 pro).


            what i am trying to understand:


            is the expected behaviour that i download this, unzip it, load the example solution in visual studio 2008 pro and press rebuild and the whole thing will just work? (that was certainly my expectation) or is there an extra step that i am missing (apart from perhaps moving it to some yet unknow and undocumented location)?

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              shachar carmi Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              search the forum some more for related problems.

              you'll see that the path of the SDK has been the center of many problems on both mac and pc.

              if i recall correctly, the CS5 SDK was the first to ship without an installer,

              and all the problems with the initial setup with the CS5 SDK came from first-time users, who didn't have older versions installed.

              the installer also set up some environment variables who's absence can cause some problems.

              so it's highly recommended that you try to find an older SDK and find that path.


              do other projects compile correctly on your system?

              try downloading some simple app project from a different source and see if it compiles correctly.

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                morishuz Level 1

                what path do you have your skd in?

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                  shachar carmi Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  i'm not a good example.

                  i have it on a separate drive shared between a pc and a mac.

                  it took a lot of tinkering to get it to work.


                  if i'll have the time, i'll try to install an older version on my pc and see the default path.

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                    morishuz Level 1

                    ok, i understand. i appreciate it, i should be able to do that myself.


                    it's just unbelievable that to get the current skd working one has to find the path by installing a previous one because it's not documented anywhere. if the rest of the skd is as clear as the installation procedure i am inclined to give up now...

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                      Zac Lam Adobe Employee

                      Hi Morishuz,


                      When you installed Visual Studio, did you install the 64-bit compiler?  I believe only the 32-bit compiler is installed by default.