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    Unable to export book in InDesign 5 with certain PDFs to PDF

    Debby Texas Level 1

      When I export a workbook in InDesign 4 with certain PDFS, I get a message that certain fonts are missing when I am exporting. But if I ignore the message and proceed with the export, everything is exported correctly and the workbook is perfect.


      When I try to do the same thing with the same workbook in InDesign 5, I get the same warnings about the fonts. But when I proceed, the export fails. Once or twice I could find the file (it didn't open automatically as new PDFS are supposed to. But when I try to open it, it tells me I can't (the file is damaged.)


      So I am unable to create the same workbooks in InDesign 5 as in InDesign 4 because of the problems with some (not all) pdfs.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Two things.


          Opening a PDF after export is done with a checkbox inthe export options. It's not checked by default, so you need to do it yourself the first time.


          Starting in CS5 PDF export became a "Background Task" so that you can continue to work while the export is happening. The old progress bar is gone, so unless you open the Background Tasks panel you have no visual cues other than the little animated icon (short horizontal lines) that appears in the application bar. It's possible that your PDF is not really damaged, but that it wasn't yet complete when you tried to open it. Setting the PDF to open when complete is a good way to deal with this.