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    Fonts missing, yet installed


      I just started using InDesign 5.5. I am opening files created in InD 3 which contain the open typeface Whitney. This is the font we have used for branding. We have purchased it. Nearly ALL my documents have this typeface. InDesign tells me the font is missing. However, the font is in the Library> Fonts folder. I have also "added" the font using FontBook. It acts like it is loading the fonts but the fonts do not appear in the all fonts list. We just upgraded to a new Mac Pro running Lion. Previously running OS 10.4 ... and it was heaven compared to the growing pains we've experienced. My coworker is not having any issues. Same set-up. I also have a font I need to use that is showing up in the Library and in the Font Book all fonts listing that is "missing" in my InDesign files. Also a branding font ... UGH! Any advice welcome and appreciated!