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    Digital Edition?

    jschneid3 Level 1

      I have a Kobo E reader and I removed the ereader properly from my computer after transferring some ebooks from digital editions to my ereader, but now every time I plug my ereader in digital editions comes up with a message box saying that I need to scan and fix, which tells me that I didn't remove my ereader properly, so I click on that scan and fix, it then says it can't because the ereader is still plugged in, so then I remove the ereader and it says it can't read the disk.  Not sure what to do, I uninstalled digital editions, then reinstalled it but now when my ereader is plugged into my computer, digital editions gets stuck and it won't allow me to transfer any books from digital editions to the ereader, works fine if the ereader isn't plugged in though!


      Any tips here?