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    show/make disappear media poster/controller

    Flemming Steff

      My poster (imported from file) appears as expected in the window for the movie, when the page is selected; BUT when the movie has stopped, the poster doesn't reappear – the window just stays black until the page is turned and reopened. This happens both in an SWF and PDF-interactive document generated from an InDesign 5.5 document.

                    How do I get the poster to reappear automatically at the end??


      Furthermore: in interactive PDF's and SWF documents, activating audiofiles brings up a controller window in a square placed in the lower left section of the page covering the text. It may be OK during playing the sound file, but after conclusion it "hangs on", so you can't read the text. However, it disappears when turning the page and stays away till the audiofile is again activated .


                   How do I make the controller window disappear when playng the audio has ended??