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    ID CS4 Modified Link Status When link isn't modified?


      I have a group of 4 users, Windows ID CS4, over a network drive.  All of a sudden we are constantly getting preflight warnings that we have modified links. But they aren't. I am looking at one now with a Place date of  November 10 and a modified date of October 25 (both this year), yet with a status of "Modified". I have had IT install the latest patch from Adobe, and that didn't help.  Any body have any ideas?

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          John Hawkinson Level 5

          Are all 5 machines, the 4 clients and the server, using the network to synchronize their time? If not, clock skew can produce this.


          Have there been any changes to the fileserver software (what kind of fileserver?)?


          Did the problems start on or around Sunday, November 6, when the US switched away from Daylight Saving Time, or October 30, when the UK switched away from Summer Time?



          I assume you know you can option-doubleclick the update link button in a file (in the links panel), and it will update all links. (I think that was in CS4! not 100% sure though.)