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    Help modifying a template

    Geller Lighting

      Hello all!


      I work as a graphic designer for a small lighting wholesaler. Since my specialty is more in Photoshop and Illustrator,


      I've been referring to help on this forum for some time now as we've been piecing together our new website and giving our existing one a new set of paint. We are currently tailoring a page of products using JS and CSS to "pop" out (zoom in) when you mouse over. I used a template zoom script provided on these forums and modified it to our taste, however I'm running into some difficulty. I'll start by sharing our link:




      As you can see, here's the issues I'm experiencing:

      • The product zoom function works, but its placing the top-left corner of the zoomed image over the top-left image of its thumbnail. This works fine for images on the top rows and left side, but will clip the image on the bottom or right. Is there a way to modify it so it is centered over its thumbnail or, even better, floats towards the center of the window? Here is a picture of the issue:


      • help1.jpg
      • I'm also trying to add captions to the images so they are centered beneath them. Each time I try modifying the code I seem to corrupt the rest of the images or disrupt the placement. Is there an easy fix to this? I could go through and add captions to the high resolution images, but I'm trying to avoid that if necessary.
      • The site loads at different speeds depending where I test it from. On some of our office PCs it works fine, on others it's slow (as I expected from the amount of images and script) Is there a way to improve the overall perfomance?


      Lastly, I will note this layout isn't exactly appealing web design, however, this is what the boss wants despite our pleas for different menu or navigation system I've gotten lots of help here in the past and hope someone can help us out here again, thanks!