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    Oh For Gods sake :-( messed this up I think??

    General Sweep

      Ok, Well I had about 300 odd books in my digital editions which I've transferred to my ereader, fine.. now I see there is a firmware update that I need to my ereader which will format it and delete all the books.

      That would be fine too except for the fact that I have just formatted my pc and deleted digital editions altogether without giving it a thought, so now I have re downloaded and installed it but of course there are no books in it... So what can I do?? I have a feeling I could plug my reader back in and transfer the books back into D.E before having the update and then re add them to the reader but the transferring will take months :-( is there a better way please??

      And why do all my books have to have disappeared when D.E is online based???