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    Laptop editors any out there?


      I am in the market for a new Laptop to replace an old dual core that has treated me well for over 5 years.  My current laptop specs listed below. (not the one i am replacing.  The one I am replacing isn't worth mentioning.)


      HP i7q720 quad core @ 1.60ghz

           8gb ram

           1 tb hard drive

           win 7 64bit OS

          Geforce GT 230m Video card

          Running CS5 Premiere Pro


      It works pretty good with CS5.  I can do 3 multicam edit streams in realtime.   I haven't tried 4 but I might be pushing it.  When I have 4 Multicam Edit Streams I use the 8 core Mac in my office. (not by choice it is what the company is making me use, It use to have final cut pro on it but seeing that is a thing of the past i convinced them to go CS5 Suite.)


      But I edit a lot on the road and it is nice to have the laptop to do edits with the client watching.


      Seeing HP doesn't offer Nvidia cards anymore (which is a bad move on their part IMHO) I am looking else where for a new Laptop.


      I saw this MSI computer that got pretty decent reviews on AOTS but seems to be a bit pricey for what ya get Link here


      The MSI Computer has a nice video card Nvidia Geforce GTX 570m DDR5 1.5gb VRam, 1tb hard drive, 12GB DDR3 Ram and a i7-2630QM (amazon says it is only a 2 core system but I looked up that processor and it says quad core.)  It also has a 17 inch Screen.




      A custom Ibuypower.com 15inch laptop with:

                    i7-2670QM quad core (4x2.20ghz/6mb cache)

                     8 gigs of ram (i can add another 8 to make it 16 later on if needed)

                     NVIDIA Geforce GTX 560m 1.5gb GDDR5 video card

                     750 gig at 7200rpm


      I am leaning more towards the ibuypower 15inch laptop seeing I already have a 17" laptop and it is nice to have the smaller size if needed.


      Let me know your thoughts.   I also will be buying CS5.5 for this so i will have two machines to edit DSLR and Panasonic HMC 150 that both use the AVCHD codec.


      Thanks in advance

      Brent Dolan


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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          As long as you use TWO internal SATA disks or an eSATA 7200 RPM external disk you may get by. A single disk just doesn't cut it. Keep in mind that laptops like that are usually between 8 and 20 times slower than a fast desktop even with a CUDA enabled video card, so portability must be important to you.


          Look at Benchmark Results and select Laptops under the Computer Type tab.

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            alltenback Level 1



            I have two 500gig in my HP one for OS, Program Files one for video/project Storage.


            The Ibuypower laptop will only have one 750gig hard drive.  So that might be an issue.


            I would have to get a 17" laptop from them to get two drives in there.   So you think that is a good idea?


            Thanks for your input in advance






            P.S. Believe you me.  I have on my wish list a great i7 2700k, 16gig ram, 8tb hard drive, HAF case, etc on my wish list but I am never home to edit and under the circumstances I can't disclose right now.  I need to be as moble as possible with an editing machine.

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              JFPhoton Level 3

              ....check out Asus 17 inch models, then compare with Sager and  ADK....so many  changes have taken place in the last year with Sandy Bridge and faster SSDs, not to mention the many iterations of PPro, ( 5.0, 5.03, 5.5 ), It's hard to keep up with all this. It seems like despite the rapid and significant improvements in the hardware,  users are complsining on this forum that 5.5 is not handling DSLR footage as well as 5.03...so be careful...I'm using 5.03 on an Asus G73 from last year.....it has 2 hdd bays, one Corsair f120 for OS and programs, and one with a 500gb 7200 rpm hd....you must have at least 16gb of installed, matching memory. I am leery of the speed of the external USB3 port...HD tune reports 107MB. a second transfer speed,but, windows has shown over 200 when I had a second f120 in a USB3 dock. Look at PPBM 5 to see highest performing laptops....JFPhoton

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                I'm very pleased with my Lenovo Thinkpad W520. Can be configured with extra diskdrive in media bay or with 2 diskdrive in raid0 (special order). Great screen, keyboard and good enough nvidia card. Also has firewire and expresscard connectors. With 2720 sandybridge and 16 Gb ram, great performance and a decent price with three years warranty.